I’ve always liked the idea that there is no absolute truth, only beliefs that are useful and those that aren’t.

So I’ve always made a point to test my beliefs and cultivate the ones that proved to be most useful.

There are two beliefs I internalized that make me actively…

One of life’s super skills is the ability to draw empowering conclusions from situations, even unpleasant ones.

Say, a contractor let you down.

You can go two directions from here.

Option one: you can create a limiting belief.

Like “if you want something done properly, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

Option two: create an empowering belief, where it’s your responsibility that the situation went sideways.

Like “next time I need to ask potential candidates better interview questions”.

Or “I need to pay better attention to how the project is going in the beginning, when I still haven’t invested too much.”

Limiting beliefs are dangerous.

It doesn’t take a lot of them to make your worldview extremely narrow and make yourself unavailable to many amazing opportunities.

I can’t stop thinking about this one idea I heard from Sam Ovens.


Almost always, achieving big results is not about finding some complex tactics.

It’s about becoming really fucking great at implementing the basics.

Let’s take fat loss as an example.

Investing has always been something that fascinated me.

In fact, on my first job back in 2010 I was coding UI for a portfolio management tool.

On a few occasions, my boss even let me code some pieces of portfolio-related algorithms, and I remember it felt like Christmas to me…

School taught us the misleading idea that the value of our different efforts is the same or comparable.

If you were given Math, English, and Biology homework assignments, you were supposed to treat them equally.

While it might make sense for school (for brain development etc), it doesn’t reflect the…

Productivity lesson from Star Wars

Remember this scene?

When Qui Gon got locked out from Darth Maul, and couldn’t continue the fight for a while?

Remember what he did?

He didn’t start looking for someone else to fight.

He didn’t open his Jedi-phone to check if he had any email…

I recently realized just how much attention I was investing into social medial. Hours and hours per day spent on scrolling through updates.

We all know how bad this is, and how much it affects our attention span.

I’ve had some experience with blocking social media from my life in…

I hate big purchases

By big, I mean purchases that require a significant percentage of my income or net worth.

I always aim to buy things that I could easily buy several times over. And almost every time I do the opposite, I end up regretting it.

Why? Because as Joshua Becker said, you’re…

While signing up for a free trial at sweetprocess.com, I found a stupidly simple, yet great hack that can increase the number of people who finish the sign up process on your site.

After I entered my email on sweetprocess.com, they asked me to verify it.

So I opened another…

We programmers like wasting our time on so-called premature optimization.

We like to think how the app would run if there were a million users, and optimize it for that situation (when there are zero users at the moment).

I personally spent a lot time in the past optimizing products…

Sergey Zuev

Founder of gaconnector.com, minimalist, 80/20 evangelist

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